The Vegan Petsitter

I started The Vegan Petsitter in 2011, after I was asked to help take care of a friend’s new foster pup, Tobey, from Beagle Freedom Project.  After sharing my experience with this very special animal-testing survivor, word spread quickly about my service, and I was able to grow into a full time business within a year. For more than a decade, I have provided customized care for hundreds of clients, with empathy for animals as my North Star.

Whether you are looking for a science-based approach to training & behavior, or a trusted specialist to care for your pets while you’re away – you’ve come to the right place!

Lisa Goetz

Owner & Trainer

I’m a dog & cat mom living in San Pedro, CA.

Even though my own dog weighs 15 pounds, I love working with large breeds, especially pitties.

You have a cat who doesn’t like anybody? Challenge accepted.

A nerd at heart, I can talk about behavior for hours – but other obsessions include Disney Parks and The Walking Dead.

Career & Education

From Biology to Behavior

I began working with animals professionally in 2008, when I started working at a local animal hospital. I had originally thought I wanted to become a veterinarian, but quickly realized that the area of animal wellness that I felt the most connected to was behavior. I learned how stress can impact the health of our pets, even triggering FLUTD in cats and making blood glucose more difficult to regulate for diabetics. Eventually, I changed my major from biology to behavioral science, and continued learning more about dog training and animal behavior.

Volunteer Work

At Home and Abroad

As a tactile learner, I am incredibly grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained through volunteer work. In 2016, I traveled to Thailand with WorldVets, where I learned how to use positive reinforcement to provide medical care for rescued elephants. The majority of my volunteer work has been with dogs and cats, including with local shelters, rescues, spay & neuter clinics, and fostering animals at home.

Education & Values

I take a science-based, positive approach to behavior & training – these methods are the most effective teaching tools, and help build trust between you and your pet. I am Fear Free Certified, and a member of The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. I am also proud to be a current student of Victoria Stilwell Academy, and expect to complete her Dog Trainer Course by mid-2022.

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