The Vegan Petsitter operates out of Torrance, CA and offers a variety of companion animal services at affordable rates. We have years of pet sitting, veterinary, and animal rescue experience, and are certified in animal CPR and first aid. We have a 5-star Yelp rating and were voted 2nd best pet sitting service on LA Hotlist in 2012!

lisa1Lisa Goetz | Lisa@veganpetsitter.com
I founded The Vegan Petsitter in 2011, after I was asked to help take care of Tobey, a friend’s foster from Beagle Freedom Project’s amazing Spanish rescue.  I had already worked with animals for several years, including pet sitting, volunteering, rescue, and two years at a local animal hospital, and I was finally inspired to start my own business!

In addition to pet sitting, I am a biology major at CSUDH and plan to continue on to vet school.  In preparation, I am working on my pre-vet coursework and have about 3,000 hours of experience working under a veterinarian.  Becoming a DVM has been my dream for many years, but competition is tough!  If I don’t get in,  I could see myself becoming a registered veterinary technician and expanding my animal care business.

cassidyVolunteering and community involvement are very important to me.  In 2010 I began the Pet City campaign, which resulted in the closure of their Torrance store and made my hometown free of any stores that sell puppies from puppy mills!  I try to make time for activism and volunteering whenever I can, and have gained countless hours of invaluablebonnie animal care experience from volunteer work.  I’ve been able to work with all kinds of animals including farmed animals, rabbits, chinchillas, feral cats, bottle babies and even seals and sea lions!

I am a proud parent of three 4-legged companions: Panson, Bruce, and Remy.  Panson is a Maine Coon whom I adopted from the animal hospital I worked at in 2008, Bruce is a poodle mix I found as a stray on my way to a pet sitting visit in 2012, and Remy is a diabetic senior ginger cat who showed up in my alley in 2013.  I love my boys and am glad that we found each other!


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