Featured Adoptable Dog: Olly Bear

Olly Bear (male, neutered, 4 yrs)
Olly Bear is four years of age, and a Boxer/Pit mix.

He is mellow, affectionate, and playful with other dogs. His bestfriend is a miniature Schnauzer with whom he spends a lot of time wrestling. He listens very well to commands (i.e.,sit, shake a paw, lay, roll over), and is very treat-motivated. He enjoys sitting on patio chairs, and would do anything to cuddle up with people.

Olly Bear was rescued from a hoarding situation where he had been chained down and locked up in a garage shed. He lived like this for his entire life ever since he was ten weeks of age. He was discovered with an injury to his ear, a flea infestation, and teeth that were filed down from wanting to escape captivity.

Olly Bear now has put his fears behind him. He has a clean bill of health, and is patiently awaiting a forever home. He would like to reclaim the puppyhood he once lost. He loves to run around, give kisses, and can also be a complete couch potato. He is crate-trained, and does well on car rides.

If you are interested in Olly Bear, please e-mail The Fuzzy Pet Foundation at info@tfpf.org. ** Find more photos & information about Olly Bear on Facebook. **

Bella (female, spayed, 3 yrs)
Bella is a cheerful girl who was brought to the shelter in late July because her family was moving.  Luckily, Bella found an advocate in the shelter lobby who watched as her family left her: “I watched her as she was with them as they waited in the lobby to turn her in. She was so sweet with their two kids, a really happy dog, smiling, sociable, wagging her tail, continually looking up at them.”

Robyn returned to the shelter to check on Bella and found that she had become shy, sad, and missing her family.  Worried that Bella would have trouble finding a home in the shelter where her true personality was unable to shine, Robyn pulled her and she is now staying with a temporary foster.

Bella gets along great with children and other dogs, and she is house trained.  She is a young girl and wants to find her forever home.

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