Positive Walk & Train Program

Service Area:
San Pedro & Palos Verdes, California

Learn force-free training methods to teach your dog positively, making walks more rewarding for both of you!

Basic Leash Manners

Leash manners are not just about obedience. When your dog possesses this skillset, walks become less stressful and more enriching for both you and your pup. When taught with positive reinforcement, your dog also learns to make better choices, which improves their quality of life, and makes your job as a pet parent much easier!

Reactivity Reduction

Did you know that when your dog barks or lunges on walks, it’s likely because they are experiencing some combination of fear, anxiety, or stress? Although this can be frustrating, they are not trying to “disobey” you – they’re just feeling emotionally overloaded. If your dog experiences reactivity on walks, I can teach you how to lower their stress response without punishment, using counterconditioning & desensitization techniques.

Safe & Enjoyable Walks

Do your dog’s size & strength make walking them uncomfortable? Do you ever feel like you’re the one being taken for a walk? I’ll encourage your dog to follow your lead by reinforcing the good behaviors you want to see. I can also make recommendations for the right equipment to reduce pulling and help you feel more secure. Contrary to old-school training beliefs, large dogs do not require a heavy hand – I do not use prong collars, electronic collars, or other aversive equipment with any dog, for any reason.

Step 1: Meet the Trainer

After you submit your New Client Questionnaire, we can schedule your virtual meet & greet via Zoom. The purpose of this meet & greet is to get a better understanding of your training needs, and determine whether this program is the right fit before moving forward. We can also discuss any to-do’s before we begin working together, such as a vet visit or equipment changes, which will help you and your dog get off to the right start.

Step 2: Initial Consultation

Now we’ll dive deeper to set some training goals, and understand the origins of your dog’s problem behaviors — in other words, why does my dog do that? By the end of this consultation, you should have a better understanding of your dog from a behavioral science perspective. You’ll also receive my detailed notes outlining our session, along with relevant handouts, product recommendations & other resources.

Step 3: Choose Your Package

During our consultation, we will discuss the best package for your dog’s needs, as well as your lifestyle and budget. In general, I would recommend the 6-week package for pet parents who are ready to commit to daily training on their own, but want the help of a professional to make sure they’re on the right track. *NEW* Daily Walk & Train is now available for pet parents who prefer a done-for-you approach, or for pups in training who also need a mid-day potty break during your work week.

Upon starting your program, you’ll receive a training plan to guide you on your own training walks between sessions. This will be revised as needed, and will help you maintain your dog’s results after graduation.

  • 45-60 minute sessions
  • report card & notes provided after each walk
  • weekly homework for pet parents (to achieve faster results!)
Virtual Meet + GreetFree
Training Consultation125
Weekly / 6 Weeks390
Daily / M-F (billed weekly)250

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