Dog Training Services

For help with:

  • Basic Manners
  • Barking
  • Jumping
  • Pulling on Leash
  • Reactive Behavior
  • Impulse Control
  • Managing Energy

Creating lasting results with science-based methods.

We love a positively trained pooch! From teaching basic functional cues to reducing problem behaviors, I’m here to help. I use a positive reinforcement approach that is backed by science, to train with compassion and achieve results that stick.

1:1 Coaching

Initial Consultation – $165
A 90 minute session to discuss your dog’s history & training/behavior goals. Although the primary purpose of this session is to gather information, you will also be given some action steps to start seeing results right away.

Individual Lessons – $125
Includes one hour of private training in your home and/or neighborhood. Lesson goals will be set during your initial consultation, and each session will include homework for you and your dog to practice your new skills!

6-Lesson Package – $625
For pups with big goals, I will put together a custom game plan to cover over six weekly sessions. Save $125 compared to individual lessons.

6-Session Day Training Add-On – $540
Need homework help? Add a day training booster to your private lesson package, and I will work with your dog 1:1. Great for busy clients who may not have as much time to practice during the week. Sessions can be used during or after completing your private lessons.

Day Training

If you prefer to have me train your dog for you, day training is a great option. I’ll meet with your dog 2-3x per week, and provide progress reports on what was covered. Pet parents only need to be present for the first and last session.

10-Session Package – $900

15-Session Package – $1200


What methods do you use?
I use positive reinforcement (reward-based) learning to teach desired behaviors, so the frequency of those behaviors will increase. Instead of punishing “bad” behaviors, we will reinforce better behaviors to take their place.

What methods do you NOT use?
I do not use aversive equipment or methods, including prong, choke, or electronic collars. I believe dogs and their humans work best as a team, and do not believe in “dominance” style training methods.

Do you have virtual training available?
Although I am currently only accepting local clients, a virtual/in-person hybrid may be available for some cases. Please let me know in your contact form if you are interested in virtual learning.

In addition to teaching goal behaviors (and reducing less desirable ones), an inherent goal of positive training is to strengthen the human-animal bond. You should start to notice your dog is easier to communicate with, and is a more attentive listener. We will also work on building confidence, to lessen nervous or anxious behaviors. Over time, positive training creates new habits, which can help your dog make better decisions with less direction from you.