animal care

Joseph’s CPR + first aid training experience


This week I became certified in CPR and first aid in order to prepare for a bigger role on The Vegan Petsitter team.  I want to make sure my clients’ animals stay safe and healthy while they’re in my care, and be ready for any emergency that may come my way!

I went into the class thinking I would learn a few new animal care skills, and how to perform CPR and first aid in case it’s ever needed. I didn’t realize the class would go into so much detail ranging from what to do in case a dog has a splinter in their paw to what to do in case they are bitten by a snake while hiking.

The class I took was taught by Denise Fleck of Sunny Dog Ink, who has been teaching pet CPR and first aid classes for over 12 years. Denise has been featured on various TV shows including Animal Planet’s Pit Boss, provided weekly pet care tips for KTLA, and has written for many magazines and animal publications. Denise was also hired to teach Oprah Winfrey’s staff CPR after one of her dogs choked on a toy and, unfortunately, nobody knew what to do to save her life.

I learned a lot during the class like how to properly apply bandages to a dog or cat’s paw, and what to do and what to avoid in case of any emergency that might arise. We did hands-on training with dog and cat mannequins and practiced performing CPR and bandaging wounds.  We learned how to safely handle animals who are injured or in pain and what to do in case a dog or cat has a seizure. These were just a few of the more important things I learned in the class and glad I did learn them, though hope I never have to use them.

Although I primarily took the class to be a good petsitter, Denise also talked about how to properly approach a stray animal and what to carry with you at all times in case you find an animal who has been injured.

I am very glad I took this class and feel even more confident in taking care of animals in any situation now. As pet parents we often rely on experience and common sense, but with the new skills I have learned I am sure I can now care for your animals whether they have a tiny splinter, been bitten by a spider, stung by a bee or are choking on a piece of food. I would strongly recommend that everyone take a pet CPR and first aid class because you never know when you might need it — and it’s much better to have the knowledge and not use it than to need it and not have it!

Interested in taking a class?  Lisa became certified through Joffe Emergency Services, and Joseph took his class with Sunny Dog Ink.  We highly recommend them both!

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