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Keep your pet (and yourself!) cool this summer with cooling mats


It was a hot week in Los Angeles, with temperatures in many areas reaching the triple digits.  For myself and many of my clients, our top priority during a heat wave is making sure our pets stay cool!

Since we’re usually blessed with beautiful weather here in the South Bay, many of us don’t have (or need) central air conditioning.  Instead, we rely on fans, closed curtains, and portable air conditioners to keep our pets comfortable while we’re away at work.  If you feel like your current heat wave regimen might not be cutting it, maybe your pet would enjoy a cooling mat?

I first tried these out two summers ago when my former roommate bought some for the animals to share.  They took to them right away, especially the cats, and would seek them out to nap on.  I’ve since moved, and last week was a reminder that I should order some cooling mats of our own.  I went with two from the Green Pet Shop brand, since that was what we had used previously and everybody liked.  I also ordered one of the Little Dove donut mats, because, I mean, obvi.

The donut mat came first, and the day it arrived was particularly hot.  I felt bad that I didn’t have enough to go around yet (more were on the way), but I put it out and figured whoever claimed it would get to use it.  But it was different from the mat they were used to, and I don’t think they caught on right away that it was meant to cool them down.  That night they left the mat alone, sought out their regular cool spots, and went to sleep.

I, on the other hand, kept waking up that night, uncomfortably hot.  The donut mat was still unclaimed.  Feeling a little guilty, I got up and grabbed it for myself – and I can tell you from experience, it works great for humans too!

The kids have since realized that this magic donut will help keep them cool, and have started using it.  It’s too early to say for sure, but I think they may have been more attracted to the Green Pet Shop mat, possibly because the exterior is a bit softer.  Both are great choices and will help your pet have a great summer!

Little Dove Summer Chill Mat

The Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pet Pad

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